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A Major Orisha. Ochosi is the divine hunter. He is the one of the Warriors, along with Oggun and Eleggua. The initiation of the Warriors is one of the more important Santeria's ceremonies. He who receives the Warriors- Los Guerreros- receives the protection of three of the major Orishas.


Ochosi is the patron of all wildlife and of hunters. His colors are blue and yellow and his numbers are three and seven. His symbol is a crossbow made of iron. In Santeria he is recognized as Saint Norbert. Ochosi is the son of Yemaya. He is the patron Saint of those who have problems with the law. Besides being a hunter and a warrior he is also a magician, a seer and a fisherman. His children are men who are alert and full of initiative. They embrace change and are born entrepenuers. They are hospitable and love family, though sometimes their families suffer because of their nomadic tendencies.


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